SuperFresh Supermarket

Your Trusted Neighbors

The team that makes up SuperFresh work together every day to offer the best service possible for our customers. This is why we deliver a full spectrum of brands and products that give you the energy you need to seize each day. Our stores have been thoughtfully designed and are equipped with the items, layouts, and displays our shoppers are looking for. We’re here to guarantee a swift, easy, and enjoyable experience each time you visit SuperFresh. With stores in Passaic and Clifton, we strive to be New Jersey’s #1 locally operated supermarket.


Locally Owned and Operated Since 1982

SuperFresh is a Latin and North American family owned business dedicated to food distribution for our communities. Our first store opened in Passaic, NJ, and still operates as one of our main branch locations.

SuperFresh Supermarket is a partner of Key Food Stores Co-op, Inc., an organization founded in 1937. Today, Key Food Stores have over 30 establishments strategically located within our communities across the north east. Today, they are the largest supermarket chain in New York.

Our stores are located in the heart of Passaic and Clifton, offering a multitude of services such as food product sales and other family essentials. We proudly offer only the freshest and highest quality of meats, fish, bakery items, take-out food, and offer catering for parties and large groups. We also provide an exclusive round trip transportation service for no cost to our customers, ensuring they can shop for the products they need without the hassle of bringing them back home on their own.

These services are performed daily by our team of professionals who have committed themselves to creating an exceptional experience for our customers. Our staff is motivated by the love we share for our fellow communities and are equip with vast experience in sales and food production and distribution – all managed and operated by the DeJesus family.

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Creating a pleasant experience for our customers through attentive staff, high quality products, and strategic store layouts.

To ensure the people of Passaic and Clifton have access to the best quality products for their daily needs, well-being, and health. By offering a wide selection of fresh, delicately handled foods, we are able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. With the slogan “Your Super Friend”, we summarize our fundamental commitment to providing a personal, attentive, and reliable service to everyone that walks into our doors.
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Treating our customers and the planet with respect, loyalty, and commitment.

SuperFresh aims to build upon our position in our communities by opening new points of sale in addition to expanding into other nearby territories.

For our existing establishments, we are constantly updating and planning to ensure our stores adapt to meet customer demand as well as the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the optimization of energy consumption.

We continuously train our employees through a robust program so our customers feel confident and comfortable receiving help and services from our staff.

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SuperFresh Supermarket is here to improve the lives and well-being of our fellow communities.

By investing in customer care, quality products, and strategic store floor plans, we strive to make shopping for your daily necessities easy, pleasant, and unwavering. When you shop with us, you can always expect the best from our staff and our selection of products.

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Our Commitment

Our entire purpose is contained in the commitment we make to our customers in providing the best products, the best services, and an overall experience for them. We achieve this through the following qualities:

  • Motivation to improve upon ourselves and our stores each day.
  • Work to find solutions to the problems our customers face.
  • Prioritizing our community and economy to offer the highest quality products for the lowest prices.
  • Emphasizing the cleanliness and safety of our stores so our customers can have peace of mind while shopping.

Listening Commitment

SuperFresh Supermarket has a dedicated telephone number for customer service. Through this, we welcome queries, suggestions, or claims. We can be reached directly at (862) 238-8585, and also offer a contact form on our website.

Environmental Commitment

We implement rigorous measures aimed to ration the use of energy and the search for more efficient alternatives to carry out our daily activities in a manner that respects the environment.

Our new POS system responds to an eco-efficient store model, which minimizes our environmental impact. Our objective is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere while optimizing energy consumption. This model will be extended to all locations with strategic reforms and continuous updates.

Total Satisfaction Commitment

If our customers aren’t happy, neither are we. We offer full refunds on any purchases that do not meet their expectations.

Social Commitment

We actively collaborate with sports teams and cultural and religions associations, supporting them in their pursuit of developing productive communities and events aimed at unity, equality, respect, and personal progress. We uphold a Corporate Social Responsibility Program where we partner with foundations and non-profit organizations with activities targeted towards financing important social projects.

Customer Support

We welcome your feedback to see how we can continue to improve our services. Our store hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 8:00pm, and Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm.
We offer in-store staff to assist with any help you may need, and have created a dedicated customer support line to best support your needs, requests, or issues.