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Group 27

Deli Meats & Poultry

A supreme selection of quality meats
to complete any meal.

Group 67

Fruits & Vegetables

We partner with only the best suppliers and local farmers for your satisfaction.

Group 29

Daily Products

We handle our refrigerated items with care, making sure you can always count on our selections.

Group 69

Bakery & Pastry

Hand-baked with premium ingredients and
modern techniques.

Your First Choice Supermarket

The name-brand products you love at affordable prices, every day.

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We care about our community.

Real Savings.
Real Quality.


Making a difference for our neighborhood.

Unmatched weekly offers

Wide selection of brands and products

Unique flavor varieties

Friendly Customer Service

Free Transport & Delivery Services

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Fresh, Quality Selections.

At SuperFresh, we carefully handle all of our products, from produce, meats, and boxed items to ensure you can rely on us for your weekly grocery needs. Come in today to explore what makes SuperFresh Clifton’s #1 local supermarket.

The Best Products at The Best Prices.
It’s our promise to you to work with the best suppliers, stockers, drivers, and in-store staff to deliver an exceptional experience each time.
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From the farm to your table.

Our wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and organic products are hand-selected for the best taste, quality, and freshness possible.
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Making shopping a pleasure.

We prioritize cleanliness and safety to make sure we provide a unique and enjoyable experience for our shoppers.

Freshness guaranteed.

Our team of dedicated professionals perform strict quality control measures for all products we put on our shelves.

Quality cold cuts and cheeses.

Our trained staff members are here to provide the exact quality and quantity you’re looking for.

Dedicated to our local shoppers.

We appreciate your business and are committed to supporting our local economies.
We hope you can always find what you’re looking for when you walk in to your local SuperFresh.

Customer Support:

(862) 238-8585